Testimonials from personal clients of Charles Inniss and readers of the book Personal Training Secrets to Lose Belly Fat and Get a Flat Stomach

Here's a few testimonials from people that I have personally worked with.

My most famous client is Maggie from the Biggest Loser.

One of my former clients and good friends is best friends with Maggie. When Maggie was eliminated from the Biggest Loser Show, she moved to Boston for a little over 2 months and we worked out together to get her ready for the finale.

She is such a cool. smart and hard working person and it was truly an awesome experience working with her. She lost about 50 pounds at the Biggest Loser facility and around another 20 pounds in Boston. I was/ am so proud of what she accomplished and I know she has inspired other young ladies to get in shape.

Before and After Results

In total, Maggie lost 70 pounds and went from weighing 239 pounds down to 169 pounds-- and she did this all in around 5 months.

But what they don't tell you on the show is how much muscle each contestant gains.

Maggie actually added 14 pounds of muscle during the competition, so

She actually lost 84 pounds of body fat!


For every pound of muscle you add, you increase your metabolism about 30-50 calories per day. By adding muscle as you lose weight, you decrease the risk of gaining the weight back and you increase your body's ability to continue to burn fat.

Double Sweet!!!

Maggie is such a smart, cool and hard working person, and I know she's headed for big things.

And, I'm so glad I had the opportunity to work with her.

When she was voted off the show, she continued working out like a mad woman. The video clip only shows a small taste of her hardcore workout routine and her life back at home after leaving the ranch.

P.S. I make a 5 second cameo in the video montage.

I was always amazed by her work ethic and determination. She never quit on any workouts and always pushed herself to the limit.

Even when she left the ranch, she busted her butt in the gym 3-4 hours a day while controlling her calories and eating healthy foods.

She truly is a great weight loss success story!

Here are a few additional videos that Maggie and I shot for Diet.com

Here's another testimonial from another personal client.

I originally worked with Charles as a colleague at a local gym in Boston, I watched how he trained his clients and how well balance they looked both men and woman. I approached him 6 month before my 35th birthday for some personal training. I was so impressed that he took a whole body approach not just ?workout.? We spoke about nutrition not some crazy diet that I was doomed to fail. That was the key he set realistic goals for me and as we worked toward ?my? goal I was always impressed with the diversity of the exercises and suggestions for me to do in-between our workouts, I was supplementing my training sessions with spin classes that I taught at the gym, and yoga for my body and soul.

As I approached my birthday I was so impressed with my transformation that we even spoke about me competing in a fitness show, I took a pass and went off to Maui very happy with myself from the inside out, which to me is so much more important than a size of a weight.

Since then I had stayed in touch with Charles and I am now recovering from ankle surgery and he has been a great motivator. That is the key about Charles it is the whole package, he is present with you in training sessions, he keeps up on his education both required and non-required always having some very sound advice.

I want to wish him and his readers the best of luck in your journey through life, remember it comes from the inside out.

More testimonials will be added as I receive them.

If you would like to contribute your testimonial as a client or a reader of my book, please email me at charles [at] ab-core-and-stomach-exercises.com

Thank you to all of you who have contributed testimonials. I sincerely appreciate it.

Yours in Health,

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