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Personal Training Secrets to
Lose Belly Fat and Get a Flat Stomach

Lose Belly Fat... Table of Contents

About the Author/ Introduction

Section I- The Truth and The Self

Chapter 1: The #1 Fitness Goal--Our Obsession with the stomach & 6-pack!

Abs are everywhere! 15
Hollywood and the Media feed our Obsession 16
My Obsession with the Abs 16
Why do You Want a Flat Stomach? Vanity/ Health 17
Activity: Why do you want a thin waist so badly? 19

Chapter 2: Can a Woman get a 6-pack? What's going on inside your body?

The Role of Fat in Your Body 21
Three Kinds of Fat 21
What is the 6 Pack? 22
Anatomy of the Abs 23
The Great Travesty of Exercise 26
3 Main Places muscles get calories to burn 26
The fireplace analogy 27
Spot Reduction 27
Sex Hormones: Blame it on Estrogen 28
Spot Reduction continued 29
How do I work my lower abs? 30
How do I work my sides and get rid of my love handles? 31
How many sit-ups do I have to do to get a flat stomach? 32
Understanding Body Mass Index (BMI) 33
Activity: Calculating your BMI 34
The Big Limitation of BMI 34
Waist to Hip Ratio 35
The Danger of a high waist circumference 35
How do you determine Waist to Hip Ratio? 35
Activity: Calculating your Waist to Hip Ratio 36
Body Fat Percentage 37
Healthy Body Fat Range for Women 37
Activity: Calculating your Body Fat Percentage using measurements 38
Dangers of low body fat percentages in Women 39

Chapter 3: The #1 Secret to a Beautiful Body!

The Secret is... 41

Chapter 4: After 20 it's all downhill! or is it?

Being Busy vs. Being Active 47
Ex-Athlete Syndrome 48
When did you stop walking everywhere? 49

Chapter 5: When life gets in the way--Career & Marriage & Kids? oh my!

Prioritize and Re-prioritize 53
Time Management Tips 54
Activity: 10 Things you can do to use your time more effectively 55
Temporary sacrifice for long-term gain 56
The #1 Health Investment Rule 57
Turn yourself into an Athlete, Model, Celebrity, or Bodybuilder 58

Chapter 6: It is not all over after Pregnancy! 4 Tips for Everyone!

What happens to the body during and after pregnancy? 61-62
3 Major physical changes 61-62
Engaging and Re-training the Core Muscles 63
4 Great Exercises to help Tighten and Tone 63-66
The #1 Trap Mothers Fall Into 67
Quick note on C-sections 68

Chapter 7: How to get a flat stomach after 50!

Kids are gone? Time to focus on self. 69
Modifying your Lifestyle 69
The Aging Process (Menopause, Osteoporosis, etc. 73

Section II-The Most Common Mistakes

Chapter 8: Top 5 workout mistakes that prevent a flat stomach!

Chapter 9: Top 5 lifestyle mistakes that make it nearly impossible to have a flat stomach!

Section III- The Secrets:
The Workout and Nutrition Plan

Chapter 10: The Mental Diet. Preparing the soil.

Responsibility 104
Goals 106
Positive Affirmations 108
Community Support 110
Speed 116
Faith 118
Persistence 119

Chapter 11: Why crunches are totally ineffective for most people. Check your posture and flexibility for better abs!

What is good posture? 123
Most common postural change that affects the abs 124
The Perfect Crunch 125
Improving Your Crunch Ability 126
10 Flexibility Tests 128
6-Minute Stretching Routine 134

Chapter 12: 50+ Great ab exercises and 100+ routines to tighten and tone!

Part I: The Ab and Core Exercises 141
Section 1: The Basics 143-741
Section 2: Exercises with added Resistance 176-194
Part II: The Routines 197
Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 198-205

Chapter 13: Cardio Secrets to Melt off Fat!

Aerobic Exercise 207
Resting Heart Rate 207
How to take your Resting Heart Rate 207
Understanding Target Heart Rate Zone 208
ACSM Guidelines 208
Measuring Heart Rate during Exercise 210
Heart Rate Monitors 211
Cardio Training Techniques 212
8 Scientific Tricks to burn more fat during your Workout 213
List of Calories Burned During activity 217

Chapter 14: Weight Training to speed metabolism, tone, and lose weight!

Will weight training make me bulky? 219
Another Secret Benefit of Strength Training 221
What do you have to do to tone? 221
Strength Training Routine 222
Total body workout in 10 Exercises

Chapter 15: Simple Nutrition Plan and tips for a Flat stomach!

#1 Myth in Nutrition 236
What's Up with the Low Carb Craze? 237
The Hormone Insulin 238
Glycemic Index 238
How much carbs is too much carbs? 239
Diabetes is a Metabolic Disorder 239
The Glucose Tolerance Test 240
Protein: The Missing Link 242
Foods that Slow Down your Metabolism 242
Diet Secret: Negative Calorie Foods 243
Foods that Speed up your Metabolism 243
Jump Start Your Metabolism in as little as 2 weeks 244
Maintaining a Healthy Weight for Life 247

Section IV- The Challenge

Chapter 16: Summary. How to Lose 5-20 Pounds a Month!

How to Get in Better Shape in 30 Days 250
How to lose 5 pounds in 30 Days 255
How to lose 5-10 pounds in 30 Days 262
How to lose 15-20 pounds in 30 Days 269

Chapter 17: Success Stories / Toning Challenge

Losing Weight Despite All Odds 277
Fit After 50 and Cancer 279
A Mother, a Trainer, and Inspiration 281

Special Acknowledgements 284
Bibliography 286
Fitness Resources 288

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